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Type-Level Programming: The Subspace of Scala

Earlier today I was able to finally give the presentation-version of my recent exploration into type-level programming in Scala at HuntFunc. Writing my presentation with impress.js is the other distraction from blogging I mentioned last time. Although the presentation turned out really good (viewable here), I’m not certain if I’ll go that route again. It was a good bit of work to finagle each slide into an absolute position in three-dimensional space. It’ll depend on how much time I have and if I find something that’s equally impressive.

The presentation basically covers everything I wrote about in those four type-level programming posts. I was able to make it flow a little better by having the foresight into where I was headed with the material, whereas I just meandered around with the blog series until I stumbled upon something useful. Another thing to bear in mind is my audience of eight or so developers only contained one member with extensive experience in Scala, so I had to take my time and be gentle with the material.

So if you haven’t gotten enough of my thick Southern American English drawl discussing software, press play below and enjoy the presentation!

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