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Posted on January 31, 2015

Welcome to the revamped prose::and::conz! I have long been telling myself to move away from for my blog, and I finally pulled the trigger. prose::and::conz is now a Lift application running on AWS. All of the source is available for your viewing on github.

I initially chose to not build my own blog software when I started because I wanted to focus on the content. Over time I grew annoyed with Wordpress in particular. It is a pain to write posts offline on a flight, for instance. The syntax isn’t particularly fun either.

A few months ago I wrote my first article for NFJS Magazine. This was my first exposure to Asciidoctor, and I quickly gained much appreciation for writing with it. That planted the first seeds of desire for a new way to write my blog posts. However, for me to use asciidoctor, I would have to write my own stuff.

Shortly thereafter, I became inducted into the Lift committers team. I already enjoyed using Lift, and being part of the team gives me more motivation to find oppportunities to use it such as my blog and Presentera. Furthermore, it opened the door for me to enhance Lift to support ideas like Asciidoctor content

Finally, my work at Mentor Graphics had tossed me into the fire with AWS. I’ve learned enough about AWS to confidently host enterprise applications, so hosting my blog there is a walk in the park. This also created an opportunity for me to stretch my understanding of AWS infrastructure/deployment. I explored how I can use some open source tooling to manage my blog deployment using immutable infrastructure. Which leads right into the next series I’m going to launch: From Commit to Deployment. In those upcoming posts, I plan to give a detailed explanation into how I automated deployment from checkin.

So what do you think about it? Drop me a line!

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