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This Agile Life has gone country

This past week I had the fantastic opportunity to join my favorite podcast, This Agile Life. I’ve been really busy lately on and off the keyboard, hence the lack of blog posts. However, there was no way I was going to miss the chance to chat with those guys about agile development. Thanks to my two previous stops at well-established companies who have adopted agile, we spent the hour discussing the challenges that poses. Tune in also for the fun bits that inevitably arise when talking to a country boy from the great state of Alabama.

Episode 51 – I Do Run From Chickens (Adopting Agile)

I hope to soon get rolling with the blog again. I’ve wrapped up some of the open source work I’ve been busy with in lift-ng and sbt-plugins. Stay tuned for another dose of my southern-fried drawl later this week. You’ll then see the other reason I’ve been away from my blog for several weeks.

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