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Video: Intro to Functional Programming in Scala

This last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of presenting an introduction to functional programming in Scala where I work at Mentor Graphics. The presentation was the first of the Knowledge Sharing Seminars that we have started. I put a lot of time and energy into preparing for this, which is why I’ve not had a blog post in a couple of weeks.

The objective of this introduction was to educate our division on the strong trend towards functional programming that has occurred over the past few years. I hoped to pique the interest of the developers to explore this further. I’m convinced that functional programming is only going to gain relevance, and I hope this helps my organization stay abreast with this important climate shift.

Of course, I delivered my talk in the context of Scala. Frankly, it is the only functional programming language I have spent enough time with to be able to give a half-intelligent presentation.

I have edited portions of the video which are particular to Mentor Graphics. What remains is of interest to a general audience. I hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I enjoyed preparing and delivering the talk.

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  1. rob rucker says:

    Hi there, nice intro Joe…
    I am learning Scala ( just took the intro course from Odersky) myself.
    Glad you are producing these videos…
    A critique, not a criticism: A little more code would also help….
    cheers and best wishes
    rob rucker (arizona state university) 2013-10-20

    • barnesjd says:

      Thanks Rob! I am glad you were able to suffer through my thick southern drawl to hear my take on Scala.

      So more code is ALWAYS better, right? :D I have presented this in the past with more code when my audience was primarily developers. This time around, I knew there would be many in management roles who would be more interested in why it is important to give serious consideration to a functional programming language like Scala.

      BTW, congrats on ASU whipping those Washington Huskies this weekend

  2. Java Werks says:

    You might want to view this presentation by Paul Phillips (from the scalac team):

    Scala has clearly hit the JVM wall.;)

    • barnesjd says:

      I’ll certainly have to view it. I know there are some fundamental limitations of the JVM at this time which prevent functional languages like Scala and Clojure from realizing their full potential. Tail recursive optimizations in particular come to mind. I’m hopeful that such non-java features will continue to trickle in, like invoke dynamic that I mention towards the end of my presentation. I would not be surprised to see Oracle’s Java development shift from furthering the language to enhancing JVM support of the alternate languages.

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