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It’s my last day at Omicron

“Wait! What? You just got there!” Yeah… After spending seven and a half years with one employer, I’m making an ugly job hop after being at Omicron Research for only two weeks. It’s such a short stent that I wouldn’t even mention it had I not already announced that I was coming here. Since the cat’s already out of the bag, I’m forced to come clean.

So what happened? Long story short, I got a position as an architect which is precisely what I’ve been shooting for! As of Monday June 24th, I will be a senior software architect at Mentor Graphics. I will be the technical lead on two web-based JVM projects.

This came about after Mentor had interviewed me a couple of months ago. At the time, they had hoped to get someone with more experience in web scaling with technologies like JBoss clustering. Since that time they have decided to give me a chance because I otherwise fit the bill so well. Unfortunately the timing put me on the job at Omicron for not even a week when I got selected.

While I was looking forward to learning a new technology stack at Omicron, I’m actually quite excited about trying to take my JVM experience to the next level. Web scalability has fascinated me for some time, and now I have the opportunity to strap on a helmet and run head first into it. Even though I’m not diversifying my career with a change in technology, I’ll still demonstrate flexibility by breaking out of the telecom domain.

I believe the most exciting part about this job is how often they seemed to warn me that the position will require hard work and leadership. That’s what I expect out of myself and I crave an opportunity where I can do both effectively. I’ll be their most experienced Java developer just as I was coming into Omicron. The difference here is that our projects are Java based as I already mentioned. I feel very confident that I’ll be able hit the ground running and bring value to Mentor in short order.

A huge factor for me to choose Mentor is their personal leave. They do holidays and an unprecedented 24 personal leave days a year. Twenty-four! Normally benefits don’t play a role in my job decisions, but that is substantial. This will give me plenty of time off for family. I’ll also be able to head out to Nepal once a year with this much leave. Add to this the commute, which is half of what I’m doing for Omicron, and we have a slam dunk.

I said it is an ugly job hop, but the guys at Omicron couldn’t have been more supportive. They understand what this means for my career and my family. I can’t imagine a better group of guys to work for. It is a very appealing company. Heck they managed the unthinkable of convincing me to go into government contracting. This short tenure shouldn’t reflect poorly on them in any way. As John said, it’s just the way the cookie crumbled. If you’re in the market, and especially if you’re already in the DoD industry, give these guys a look.

Hopefully everyone can share my excitement as I take yet another step in my career. This time I think I’ll be staying long enough to unpack my belongings.