prose :: and :: conz

More to Come

As everyone has surely noticed… ok well, just my mom since she’s the only person who reads my blog, I’ve updated the appearance, changed the name, and got a clever URL thanks to this tweet. Since I typically only get really riled up over software development, I’ve updated my tag line to reflect that a little better. Yes, that is legit code in the background image (Scala, of course), and yes there are zero comments in it.

So what’s with the name? Well, Mom, it’s a couple of things. I don’t recall when the phrase “Prose and Cons” came across my mind, but at some point I thought to myself “huh… that’s neat” and added it to the Notes app in my iPhone. Months later, I’m pondering over a more inspired name than “Dumpster Fire of Thoughts” and flip (or should I say “flick”?) through my notes and found this one. It’s PERFECT. You probably already read know what prose is. What about cons? It’s certainly not short for “convicts” nor does it have anything to do the with the film. Well, I’m currently on a functional programming kick (again, Scala) and it’s the name of the :: operator which appears between the words of the title. In Scala (and Haskell) the cons operator is used to construct a list. It also has other meanings in different programming languages, but you get the point.

The URL is the part that brought it all together. I was googling and searching twitter for uses of “Pros and Cons” and stumbled across that tweet. I immediately went forth, purchased the domain, and attached it to my blog. For consistency, I changed “cons” to “conz”, lower-cased all of the words to make them look more like idiomatic code, and now I think I’m awesome (yeah, I know Mom, you’ve been telling me for years).

My interest in blogging had already been reinvigorated thanks to some email chains at work regarding commenting code and some career advice. Now that I have it all together, I have several blog post drafts lined up. So hopefully this is the beginning of a more influential Joe Barnes.