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So I finally created a blog…

… I guess because I think highly enough of myself to believe that people would read it. Many think such a thing can be narcissistic, but I’m looking at it as a request for comments. I don’t want to keep my ideas to myself because I would like to see what other people think. If I didn’t feel that way and was content with my thoughts as they are, then I would be truly narcissistic.

To my beautiful wife, Jessica… I promise not to waste half my life typing up blogs. I know I already spend enough time on the computer, and the last thing I need is one more reason to sit here. In my mind, a blog is just an extra-long post for Facebook (FYI, Facebook limits posts to 420 characters). Here I can outline my ideas for college football overtime, effective resumes, why I am proud to be an adoptive parent, why I think Tom Petty sucks… the list goes on.

So don’t expect many blog posts. I’m a busy man. Time permitting, I’ll toss some out here once in a while.

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